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Original T-Bag Designs

We are the UK outlet for Original Tea Bag Designs based in Cape Town. Original T-Bags was created by our close friend Jill Heyes who employs skilled and talented artists from the Township. Jill and her team produce a unique handmade product using recycled t-bags as a mini canvass, which is then painted, varnished and incorporated into a variety of products. Each artist has their own individual style ensuring each piece is completely unique. 



Coaster Box - Africa


Gift Tag


Angel - Hymn


Teapot Quote - Africa


"Happy Christmas" Bauble Card - Heart


Fairy Friends


Angel - Heart


Notebooks - Africa

A7: £5.00; A6: £7.00
A5: £11.00; A4: £15.00

"Happy Christmas" Bauble Card - Africa


Angel - Star


ER Quote Magnet

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