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Often changing, we share some of our smaller collections available at cape vanilla.

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Ostrich Eggs

Plain £15.00 each

Approx. 13cm x 15cm 

Engraved "Tealight" Egg £39.00 each (base included)

Stars, Starbursts, Circles

Painted "Bowl" Eggs £29.00 each

Painted 'Stems' Egg £19.00 each

Variety of Colours and Patterns Available

Bird Feeder £39.00 each (complete with perch and hanger)

Our Ostrich Eggs come from Oudtshoorn, The Ostrich Capital of the world, a town in the Klein Karoo area of South Africa’s Western Cape.

 All of our eggs were non-chick producing.

There are so many ways to use and display them in the home, be sure to scroll our images for inspiration. Our engraved eggs create beautiful ambient lighting when a tealight is added too. (as with all naked flames please do take care and never leave unattended). 

Each egg is approx 13cm x 15cm

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Wooden Cut-Outs

Fish on a Rope (trio) 

£7.00 each 

Noughts and Crosses Set

Small £12.00 each 

Dimensions 16x16x1cm 


Large £19.00 each 

Dimensions 20x20x3cms

Handmade wooden decorations.

Created and produced by a retired police officer - inspired by the classic views of Table Mountain across Table Bay from his Bloberg workshop.


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Little Bird Cards

Small £3.50 each 

10cm x 10cm

Large £4.50 each 

11cm x 16cm


Each chirpy, quirky little card is embellished by hand.

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Handmade Face Masks

Medium £9.00 each 

Handmade face coverings

3 Layers: 2 x linen + non woven interlining inside

Linen has been shown to have anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties due it's silica content.

Washable - Always wash after 2 - 4 hours of use


We show only a selection of our products on our website if you have seen a product you like, but are unable to find your preferred size, colour or artwork, please get in contact with us.